Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Online Store Offers

    1. What are the online exclusive offers and privileges?

      You can visit the “Latest Offers” page to discover our online exclusive offers.

      Online exclusive privileges:

      • Fast queue service available in SmarTone stores for picking up online orders or for service plan appointments booked online
      • Enjoy Gift wrapping service, including a customised greeting message, for just HK$38
    2. Where can I learn about the latest offers?

      It’s quick and easy to subscribe to our Online Store newsletter! We will keep you up to date with all our latest news and offers. Simply go to "My Account" > "My Profile" > "Communication Preferences" and update your setting there. You can also click here to see our latest offers.

    3. How can I find out if there is any combo offer available for a selected item?

      Once you’ve added items to your Shopping Bag, the system will automatically check for related discounts and apply them to your order.

    4. Can you tell me details about the greeting card of gift wrapping item?

      For product that goes with gift wrapping, each product is individually packed with personal greeting messages. You can create your own greeting message typed in any UTF8 characters (no more than 6 lines) in the “Card Message” field. You may also choose to have a blank greeting card instead.

  2. Getting Started

    1. How do I make online purchases?

      It’s easy to make online purchases:

      • Browse and add items to the Shopping Bag.
      • Proceed to "Check Out".
      • Choose the gift wrapping service for any item that you want gift wrapped.
      • Enter the promotion code (if any) to apply a discount.
      • Click "Check Out".
      • Choose your preferred delivery method, namely delivery or in store pickup, and fill in the required information.
      • Click "Continue", and enter your contact information.
      • Click "Proceed to Payment", and enter your credit card, Octopus or AlipayHK information.
      • Click "Pay Now".
      • When you see a thank you page with an order number, it means you have successfully made the purchase! You will also receive a confirmation email and SMS.

    2. How do I create an account?

      You can create an account in three easy steps:

      1. Enter your email address.
      2. Enter the required personal information.
      3. You have successfully created your account and can start shopping!

    3. Why do I need to create an account for online shopping?

      Once you create an account, your delivery address is saved, so you will be able to make future purchases more efficiently. You can also track your full order history.

      If you are an existing SmarTone customer, you can simply use your current SmarTone LogInNow username and password to log into the Online Store.

  3. About Online Purchases

    1. Are the prices in the Online Store the same as those in SmarTone stores?

      The prices in the Online Store may be different from those in SmarTone stores as there are different promotion offers.

    2. Can I sign up for a smartphone plan online?

      Yes, when purchasing a smartphone with a service plan subscription, you can book an in-store appointment online and use the fast queue service when you get there.

      Simply follow the steps below:

      1. Select a smartphone and go to its product details page.
      2. Click "With Service Plan" and then click "Book an Appointment" (to reserve the smartphone, you will need to pay a deposit of HK$300).
      3. Select your preferred store for the appointment.
      4. Click "Continue" and fill in your preferred time for the appointment and contact information.
      5. Click "Proceed to Payment" and fill in your credit card, Octopus or AlipayHK information.
      6. Click "Pay Now".
      7. When you see the thank you page with an order number, it means you have successfully booked your appointment! You will also receive a confirmation email and SMS.

    3. Can I purchase handset using SmarTone Existing Customer Price at Online Store?

      Yes, you can purchase the designated handset at the product detail page by selecting to buy it with the Existing Customer Price.

      Simply follow the steps below:

      1. Select to buy the handset with the Existing Customer Price at the product detail page of the designated handset
      2. Enter your SmarTone mobile phone number for verification
      3. Enter your personal information to sign up for a 6-month Fixed Term Sales and Services Agreement to enjoy Existing Customer Price to purchase a designated handset. The 6-month Fixed Term Sales and Services Agreement will be effective in parallel with the existing mobile service plan contract (if any) and each customer is entitled 2 quotas to purchase a designated handset at the Existing Customer Price during the 6-month Fixed Term Sales and Services Agreement.
      4. Select premium offers (if any) and add the handset to the shopping bag
      5. Complete purchase and payment following online store purchase flow. (p.s. You can purchase one selected handset at Existing Customer Price per each order. If you would like to purchase more than one handset, please check out separately.)

    4. What if I encounter difficulties when ordering?

      Simply click the "Need assistance? Live Chat" link. Our customer service representative will provide further assistance.

      • Chinese: 24 hours
      • English: 9:00 a.m. – 12 midnight
  4. Product Review

    1. How to write a product review?

      Customer is required to login to write a review

    2. Whatshould be written in the review?
      • Explain why you like or dislike the product, focusing your comments on the product's features & functionality and your own experience using the product
      • Avoid bad language, contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), URLs, time-sensitive material, alternative ordering information, comments about non- product related issues or topics not directly related to the product's features or functionality
      • Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Online Store Account for more details.
    3. When will I see my review?

      If there are no inappropriate and irrelevant comments, the review will be posted in 5 business days

  5. Payment

    1. What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, Octopus and AlipayHK. Virtual credit card and AliPay China are not accepted.

    2. Can I purchase an item online by instalments?

      Purchasing an item by instalments is currently not available on Online Store.

    3. How is my payment information protected during online transactions?

      We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is one of the most trusted technologies for protecting online transactions. All your personal and payment information, including your credit card details, are encrypted during data transmission to prevent unauthorised access.

    4. After I made payment, I only see "Loading …"" but no further page is shown to indicate if I have successfully paid. What can I do?

      If you successfully make a payment, you should see a web page showing thank you message. If you are having problem returning to SmarTone Online Store automatically in 15 seconds or have any enquiries, please contact our 24-hour hotline on 2155 3395 immediately.

  6. Delivery

    1. What products can be delivered?

      All items purchased from the Online Store can be delivered, except smartphone purchase with a service plan subscription, which needs to be completed in a store of your choice.

      • Please note that there is no delivery on Saturdays (after 13:00), Sundays, and Public Holidays
      • Order with any gift wrapping products can only be delivered
    2. Which areas are covered by your delivery service?

      Our delivery service covers most local commercial and residential addresses. The courier company is responsible for defining what a commercial address is. Addresses in some areas are always regarded as residential address; Please note residential delivery fee will be applied to some districts, even it is for commercial use.

    3. How much is the delivery fee?

      To enjoy free delivery to a commercial address in Hong Kong, you need to:

      • Purchase HK$500 or above (excluding any spending on gift wrapping fee and premiums)
      • Free delivery service only applied to commercial address. Residential address, outlying islands, and remote area are excluded

      Please find our delivery fee table below:

      Products Commercial Address* Residential Address
      HK$500 or above Free HK$50
      below HK$500 HK$50 HK$60
      * The courier company is responsible for defining what a commercial address is. We will contact you in advance if there is any issue regarding your requested delivery address.

    4. Can I change the delivery address after confirming an order?

      Once the order is confirmed, the delivery address cannot be changed.

    5. How can I track the delivery status of my order?

      Once the order is shipped, we will send you a "Delivery notification" email. Please click the link in the email for the delivery status.

    6. How long does it take to receive my order?

      It usually takes around one week after order confirmation for delivery for Hong Kong customers. Three to seven extra working days are needed for order delivery to outlying islands and remote areas. Please also note that additional delivery time will be required during festive seasons and public holidays. The exact delivery time depends on the dispatching schedule from the courier company.

  7. Pickup in Store

    1. What products can be picked up in store?

      Any product purchased from the Online Store can be picked up in store except the following:

      • Products with gift wrapping

      For pickup of Product in store, the Customer or the person authorised by the Customer for pickup is required to open package(s) and check all Product(s) before signing the official receipt. No return or refund will be made after the signing of the official receipt.
    2. What do I need to bring when picking up an order in store?

      Please bring the following items:

      • Your Order Confirmation email
      • The physical credit card used for the order payment/ electronic payment record of Octopus / AlipayHK
      If the credit card used for the order payment is not in your name, please ask the credit card holder to download, fill in and sign the Authorisation Form. Please bring all the above items and the copy of the credit card used for the order payment when visiting your selected store.

    3. What if I miss the 14-day pickup period?

      We recommend you collect your order within the 14-day period. If you fail to pick up your order on or before the pickup deadline, your order will be cancelled. There may be forfeiture of the cancelled item(s) will be imposed. Any associated gift wrapping fee and delivery fee will not be refunded.

    4. Can I change my selected pickup store after order confirmation?

      Sorry, you cannot change your selected pickup store after order confirmation.

    5. Can I authorise another person to pick up the order for me?

      Yes, you can simply download, fill in and sign the Authorisation Form and have your authorised person present this form and the Order Confirmation email when picking up the order.

  8. Exchange of Product

    1. What should I do if the product I purchased is damaged on arrival?

      • Request for exchange is applicable for delivered Product which is damaged on arrival only ("Damaged Product"). Exchange request is available for 7 days counted from the successfully delivery date.
      • Exchange will not be provided for Damaged Products where damage is due to (1) undue wear and tear, (2) negligence, omission or mishandling of the products; or (3) alteration or repair made without the authorisation of the Company.
      • In the case of Damaged Product which is a smartphone, exchange is only available to a smartphone that can be powered on and with IMEI that can be shown clearly.
      • The Customer must present the Damaged Product in full package together with the official receipt at the Company's stores to request of exchange (not applicable if the Damaged Product is a Prepaid SIM card or a voucher). The Company has the sole discretion to provide refund or exchange for the Damaged Product.
      • For any problems of the Product purchased on the Online Store after the package of the Product has been opened, the Customer shall bring along the relevant receipts to the designated suppliers' repair centres for replacement or repair.
      No exchange request will be accepted under any of the following conditions:
      • The Product is an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, Xiaomi smartphone, DJI products, Prepaid SIM card nor voucher.
      • The product was purchased under special promotion (for example: special discount, super deal, on sale / clearance items, combo set);
      • More than 7 days have passed since the delivery/ pickup date.

  9. Cancellations & Refunds

    1. Can I cancel an appointment for purchasing a smartphone with a service plan subscription?

      You can cancel your appointment on or before the appointment date by calling our Customer Service Hotline 2155 3395 or by visiting your selected store. A full refund of the deposit will be arranged after successful cancellation.

    2. Can I cancel a product that I have ordered?

      • Request for cancellation is applicable for (1) Product that has been or will be arranged for delivery, (2) Product already delivered to the Customer or (3) store pickup of product provided the Customer has not signed the official receipt.
      • Cancellation of the Product will only be accepted under the following conditions:
        1. the package of the Product has not been opened;
        2. the product is not under special promotion (including but not limited to super deal, combo set, etc.);
        3. the product is not an accessory purchased in an order with discount from "Newsletter Subscription Offer" or under "Buy Handset Get Accessories Discount" offer;
        4. the product is neither an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, Xiaomi smartphone, prepaid travel data card, stored-value SIM nor recharge voucher.
      • The Customer can make a request for cancellation (1) before the pick-up deadline and before signing the official receipt in store; or (2) by returning the purchased product in full package together with the official receipt to the Company’s stores within 7 days (counted from successful delivery date).
      • If the Customer does not pick up the order by the pick-up deadline or if the product cannot be successfully delivered for whatever reasons, the Company will handle the order as if it is a cancelled order. The Company may forfeit the cancelled item(s).
      • If the cancellation is accepted, the Company will arrange refund to the Customer in approximately 7 working days.
      • For any order for the purchase of products that is fully paid by Store Credit, the refund will be credited to the Customer’s My Wallet in the form of Store Credit. The refund is non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash.
      • For any Order for the purchase of Products that is partially paid by Store Credit and the remaining amount by credit card, Octopus or AlipayHK, the arrangement for Refund will be as follows:
        1. Store Credit will be credited back to the Customer’s My Wallet. The remaining balance of the payment by credit card, Octopus or AlipayHK will be credited back to the Customer’s credit card account, Octopus or AlipayHK wallet. All Refunds are non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash.
      • Any amount paid to settle the SmarTone Screen Replace™ service will be fully refunded.
      • Cancellation or refund may not be applicable to an Order or item(s) of an Order that has enjoyed certain promotional offers. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Promotional Offers for more details.
      • Under no circumstances will the gift wrapping and / or delivery fee be refunded.

  10. Account Management

    1. What should I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

      Your username is your registered email address for your Online Store account. You can click here to reset your password.

    2. Can I request not to receive promotional emails from the Online Store?

      Yes, simply go to "My Account" > "My Profile" > "Communication Preferences", and then uncheck "I would like to receive the latest updates and offers from SmarTone Online Store by email."

  11. Macau Orders

    1. Would you deliver to Macau?

      Sorry, we do not deliver to Macau.

    2. Can Macau customers subscribe to service plans and re-contract online?

      Sorry, the service is still unavailable for Macau customers.

List of Areas Charged Residential Address Rate

Address of the following areas is charged residential address rate, even if it is for commercial use

Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Shek O
Cyberport Stanley
Deep Water Bay Tai Hang
Happy Valley Tai Tam
Kennedy Town The Peak
Mid-Levels Tin Hau
Pokfulam Wah Fu
Repulse Bay Sham Wan
Heng Fa Chuen Chung Hom Kok
Kowloon Choi Hung Sau Mau Ping
Diamond Hill Shek Kip Mei
Ho Man Tin Stonecutters Island
Hung Hom Shun Lee
Lok Fu Tsz Wan Shan
Ma Tau Wai Wang Tau Hom
Mei Foo Wong Tai Sin
Ngau Chi Wan Kowloon City
Austin Kowloon Tong
New Territories Clear Water Bay Science Park
Fanling Sham Tseng
Hang Hau So Kwan Wat
Kam Shan Ta Kwu Ling
Kwu Tung Sheung Shui Tai Lam
Lau Fau Shan Tai Lam Chung
Lion Rock Tai Mo Shan
Lung Kwu Tan Tai Wo
Ma Liu Shui Tai Wo Hau
Ma On Shan Tin Shui Wai
Ping Che Ting Kau
Sai Kung Tiu Keng Leng
Tseung Kwan O Tsing Yi
Ma On Shan Sha Tin
Tai Po Lok Ma Chau
Kam Sheung Road Sheung Shui
Yuen Long Tuen Mun
Outlying Islands Chek Lap Kok Ma Wan
Cheung Chau Mui Wo
Discovery Bay Ngong Ping
HK Disneyland Peng Chau
Lamma Island Tai O
Lantau Island Tung Chung