Cancellation and Refund

  1. Cancellation of Appointment

    1. Customer can only apply for cancellation on or before the appointment date at the selected store or through hotline. If the cancellation is accepted, full refund of the deposit (if any) for the appointment will be made to Customer.
    2. If the Customer fails to collect the product(s) at the selected store on or before the appointment date and has not applied to cancel the appointment, the deposit (if any) will be forfeited.
    3. Cancellation of appointment is only available for Hong Kong customers.
  2. Cancellation and Refund for Purchased Product

    1. Request for cancellation is applicable for (1) Product that has been or will be arranged for delivery, (2) Product already delivered to the Customer or (3) store pickup of product provided the Customer has not signed the official receipt.
    2. Cancellation of the product will only be accepted under the following conditions:
      1. the package of the product has not been opened;
      2. the product is not under special promotion (including but not limited to super deal, combo set, etc.);
      3. the product is not an accessory purchased in an order with discount from "Newsletter Subscription Offer" or under "Buy Handset Get Accessories Discount" offer;
      4. the product is neither an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, Xiaomi smartphone, prepaid travel data card, stored-value SIM nor recharge voucher.
    3. The Customer can make a request for cancellation (1) before the pick-up deadline and before signing the official receipt in store; or (2) by returning the purchased product in full package together with the official receipt to the Company’s stores within 7 days (counted from successful delivery date).
    4. If the Customer does not pick up the order by the pick-up deadline or if the product cannot be successfully delivered for whatever reasons, the Company will handle the order as if it is a cancelled order. The Company may forfeit the cancelled item(s).
    5. If the cancellation is accepted, the Company will arrange refund to the Customer in approximately 7 working days.
    6. For any order for the purchase of products that is fully paid by Store Credit, the refund will be credited to the Customer’s My Wallet in the form of Store Credit. The refund is non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash.
    7. For any Order for the purchase of Products that is partially paid by Store Credit and the remaining amount by credit card, Octopus, AlipayHK or WeChat Pay HK, the arrangement for Refund will be as follows:
      1. Store Credit will be credited back to the Customer’s My Wallet. The remaining balance of the payment by credit card, Octopus, AlipayHK or WeChat Pay HK will be credited back to the Customer’s credit card account, Octopus, AlipayHK or WeChat Pay HK wallet. All Refunds are non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash.
    8. Any amount paid to settle the SmarTone Screen Replace™ service will be fully refunded.
    9. Cancellation or refund may not be applicable to an Order or item(s) of an Order that has enjoyed certain promotional offers. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Promotional Offers for more details.
    10. Under no circumstances will the gift wrapping and / or delivery fee be refunded.

    In case of disputes, the decision made by SmarTone shall be final and conclusive.

    *In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this page, the English version shall prevail.