TOAMIT & JITIAN Glasses Virus Shut Out & Protective Goggles Combo


Virus Shut Out & Protective Goggles Combo


Virus Shut Out & Protective Goggles Combo



Virus Shut Out & Protective Goggles Combo Product Information

  • Protective Goggles made in Taiwan

  • Protective Goggles is compatible with Optical Eye Glasses

  • Virus Shut Out made in Japan and imported from Japan

  • New antibacterial measures in Japan, Self-made personal germ-free space

  • Virus Shut Out blocks viruses & bacteria,reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others

  • Virus Shut Out is suitable for everyone

  • Virus Shut Out usage: Necklace/Place it in the chest pocket

  • Virus Shut Out is active for approx. 30 days after opening

Technical Specification
  • Virus Shut Out Size (without neck strap): about 55 x 80 x 5mm

  • Notes:

  • Please do not keep this product in directly contact with your skin or under garments. Wear outside your clothes

  • Do not open the Virus Shut Out pack

  • Keep out of reach from children, elderly and pets

  • Store away from direct sunlight and humid locations

  • If skin irritation occurs or your body develops a reaction, stop using immediately

  • Due to sodium chlorite content of the product, be careful when wearing colourful garments

  • Do not place next to metal substances as it may have erosive effects

  • Beware of burning

  • Beware not to strangle the neck when wearing the strap

  • Do not use while you are asleep

  • Product performance differs in different environments. Effect of this product may be weaker in outdoor and strong wind environments

  • If in contact with eyes, please wash under running water immediately

  • If swallowed by accident, please wash mouth with water and consult a Doctor immediately.

  • Keep away from fire, rain, sweat, etc.

In the Package
  • Protective Goggles x 1

  • Black Goggles Bag x 1

  • Virus Shut Out x 1

  • Strap x 1

  • No Warranty Applied

^Any items in product photos and videos but not stated in “In the Package” are for illustration only.

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