Archon Jump (Wireless Skipping Rope)


Jump (Wireless Skipping Rope)

Jump (Wireless Skipping Rope) Product Information

  • Wireless Skipping - skipping anywhere, no space limitation

  • Real-time tracking - display and record your skipping time, average speed, duration and calories burnt

  • Set targets - set your own skipping target (jumps, time or calories)

  • Keep connected/ share exercises - use the Archon app to share workout activities and send info to friends and followers on any social channel.

  • Archon is a smart consumer electronics brand. They have developed new fitness gadgets which do more than tracking your steps, distance, calorie burn, or sleeping time and quality: now, there is also a specially designed fitness buddy that will actually motivate you to do exercise in a fun and engaging way.

Technical Specification
In the Package
  • Handles x 2

  • Long rope x1

  • Short rope x 2

  • Carrying bag x 1

  • User Manual x 1

  • 3A Battery x 2

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