EARHealth R1 無線可視採耳不求人

R1 無線可視採耳不求人 產品資訊

  • A new generation of screw-in ear scoops are more secure and do not have to worry about falling off, making them more secure and safe to use

  • Adopt anti-slip handle design, which is safer and more comfortable to operate

  • Through the APP video, you can safely probe the position of the ear socket and check the health of the ear

  • Also available for skin inspection, microscope, oral and nasal cavity, pets, inspection of small machines, etc.

  • APP supports IOS and Android system (APP name ISEE+)

  • APP can be connected by WiFi, simple, fast, stable and convenient

  • High-definition video display in the APP, you can also take screenshots and video

  • 3 million pixels, 1920x1080 full HD, 4.5mm precision endoscope

  • 13 lens combination, 6 lighting LED lights

  • The lens is IP67 waterproof, suitable for use in complex environments such as oily ears and dry ears

  • The lens position can be directly washed with water, which is simple and hygienic (the handle position should not be wet with water)

  • Three-axis spirit level, accurate direction positioning, handy when using

  • Built-in battery, can be operated wirelessly, will not be affected by power when using

  • 60 minutes of charging for 60 minutes of continuous use

  • Constant temperature intelligent temperature control can make the ears more comfortable and not feel cold

  • The ear scoop can be cleaned with a disinfectant tissue after use (the metal of the body should not be in contact with alcohol)

  • EARHealth R1 無線可視採耳不求人 x1

  • 耳勺 x1

  • USB充電線 x1

  • 使用說明書 x1

  • 6個月(不包括耳勺)


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