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Instant China No.
Easy Number - HK$18/month, get a mainland China mobile number in 3 mins, travel in China has never been easier

Easy and convenient Easy and convenient

  • Simply subscribe to the service via your mobile in just 3 minutes, get the mainland mobile number
  • Convenient to sign up for services and apps in Mainland China, e.g. open bank accounts, mobile payment and calling taxis
  • Can receive and send^ SMS and incoming calls*
  • No SIM swaps

^This service can only send to dedicated China mobile phone number (12306, 9xxxx, 106xxxxxx) and Hong Kong/Overseas mobile phone number. The customer should download the Add-on Numbers / Easy Number app to use the service.

*If you want to receive phone calls or SMS outside Hong Kong, roaming service must be activated on your SmarTone monthly mobile plan’s main line number.