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Smart Health Keeper


Smart Health Keeper




Smart Health Keeper Product Information

  • SKEEPER allows you to see and hear the graph and heartbeat respectively. You can now monitor and manage your heart health results by SKEEPER ’ s Smart Algorithm (by examination/ stethoscope/analysis/result/record), and share to your doctors and family members instantly.

  • Supported Applications:

  • 1) Skeeper heart

  • - Heart health check (BPM/Regularity/Heart Age/Waveform/Decibel)

  • - Stress Management (PSI Index)

  • - Health History Management (Exercise & Dietary information)

  • 2) Skeeper mama

  • - Pregnant healthcare program

  • - Pregnant stress management

  • - Listen to your baby in the womb (It is able to measure after 25 weeks pregnancy)

  • - mother heartbeat prenatal music for brain development & emotional stability

  • 3) Skeeper baby

  • - Healthy Checker for baby

  • - Record monitor baby's health

  • - Mother's heartbeat lullaby for brain development & emotional stability

Technical Specification
  • Dimension : 62 x 62 x 35 mm

  • Weigh: 53g

  • Applicable device: iOS 9.0 (or later) or Android 4.4 (or later)

  • Bluetooth: 3.0 (or above)

In the Package
  • Smart Wireless Heart Stethoscope X1

  • User Manual X1

  • USB Cable X1

  • Belt X1

  • 12 months

^Any items in product photos and videos but not stated in “In the Package” are for illustration only.

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