inno3C I9 Pro True Wireless Stereo Earphone


I9 Pro True Wireless Stereo Earphone

I9 Pro True Wireless Stereo Earphone Product Information

  • Charging box with 5W wireless charging function.

  • Auto Pairing (Automatic matching of flip cover, easy to operate.)

  • 5.0 Bluetooth Version, Dual Channel Call.

  • Almost all lightest and smallest earphone in the world (4g for a single earphone and 29g for charging box.)

  • Graphene driver, High Quality Stereo.

  • Playing time around 6 hours.

  • Earphone magnetic charging.

  • Input Charging of Type-C Port of charging Box.

  • Wide compatibility, one-button multi-control (answering telephone, playing music, switchgear, etc.)

Technical Specification
  • Weight:

  • Earphone: 4g for single

  • Charging Base: 29g

  • Size: 70mm X 31mm X 30mm

  • Capacity:

  • Charging Base: 500mAh / 1.85Wh

  • Earphone: 50mAh / 0.18Wh

  • Input(Wireless): 5W

In the Package
  • Left & Right Earphones X1 Charging Base X1

  • Type-C Cable X1

  • Velvet Pouch X1 Size: S/M/L Earplug X1set User Manual

  • 12 Months

^Any items in product photos and videos but not stated in “In the Package” are for illustration only.

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